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Here’s the complete list of content types, starting with original content.

  • Intro - Helpful introductory material
  • Core - The fundamentals of our worldview
  • Issues - Our focus for action
  • Basics - Expanded info on our core beliefs
  • Blog - Commentary from a Practopian perspective
  • Appreciations - Original appreciations of works by others
  • Emails - Past Issues of the Practopian Perspective

The following sections are references to the works of others, rather than original content.

  • Quotes - Quotations exemplifying our beliefs
  • News - Relevant news and analysis
  • Links - Other sites on related topics

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Seattle Meetups

We’ve started a series of Practopian meetups in Seattle! We’d love to have you join us for the next one. Visit the page for The Practical Utopian - Seattle Chapter for more info.

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